The Vaults was the vision of 2 local people with a long history in the brewing industry,Chaz  Hobden who is the owner and brewer of Wessex Brewery in Longbridge Deverill and Malcolm Shipp who is the founder and director of Stealth Brew Co (Formally Kennet And Avon Brewery) in Melksham and between them they are directors of The Pop Up Pub Company Ltd which operates The Vaults.

The search was on in early May 2013 to find a suitable premises to convert in to a very small pub. It had to be somewhere that hadn’t already been a pub and it had to be quirky and charming. Following an enquiry about the Lignum gift shop and after a long boring process of  licensing and planning  The Vaults was opened on October 25th 2013.

It is a long beautiful building, a former passageway to the coach houses at the rear and was turned into a ‘Lean to’ in the 1980s. Below it is an extremely large cellar, more than twice the size of the pub itself and with an ambient temperature of 12 degrees celcius it is a perfect cellar for storing real ale. Over the years it has been used to store wine and was once called Town Hall Wine Vaults.


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